Clean Commute Day (formerly Casual Commute Day) is hosted by the Clean Commute Options Program, a service of the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA). We provide transportation alternatives to Michiganders traveling into and throughout Greater Lansing. Our goal is to educate the community about the benefits of clean commuting, i.e., car/vanpooling, riding a bus, biking and walking. As such, we contribute to improved air quality by reducing incidents of single-occupancy-vehicle usage and lowering automobile emissions. If you’d like to learn more about clean commuting please visit our website at

Clean Commute Day offers Michiganders the opportunity to help improve our State’s air quality, reduce traffic congestion and limit parking issues in a fun and competitive environment. The event pits several Local Rideshare Offices in the state of Michigan against each other for the chance to win the title of Michigan’s “Cleanest-Commuting Community.” Commuters represent their destination region and help them win by taking the pledge to use clean transportation at least once on Clean Commute Day. Any “clean” form of travel outside of a single-occupant vehicle is encouraged, whether it’s bicycling, carpooling, walking, riding the bus, telecommuting, or more. The region with the most pledges at the end of the day on Clean Commute Day will win the title and earn bragging rights.

We host this event every year on the first Friday in May to kickoff Ozone Action Season, a period of time when our community is susceptible to poor air quality due to increased pollution from single-occupancy vehicles and warmer weather. We hope that this event will persuade individuals who normally drive themselves to try a new mode for one day, in hopes they begin to transition towards more sustainable commuting habits. The season lasts from March 1st through October 31st each year. To learn more visit the CATA website


Governor Snyder Declares May 4 as Clean Commute Day in Michigan

Friday, May 4, 2018, is officially Clean Commute Day in the State of Michigan! Governor Snyder has released a formal proclamation. 


Previous Clean Commute Day Competitions

2014 Results

Lansing: 932 total pledges

Ann Arbor: 566 total pledges

Total Pledges: 1,498


2015 Results

Lansing: 423 total pledges

Southeast Michigan: 399 total pledges

Grand Rapids: 135 total pledges

Total Pledges: 957

CO2 Reduction: 30,888 pounds


2016 Results

Lansing: 340 total pledges

Southeast Michigan: 216 total pledges

Grand Rapids: 124 total pledges

Total Pledges: 680

CO2 Reduction: 19,857.84 pounds


2017 Results

Lansing: 351 total pledges

Southeast Michigan: 207 total pledges

Grand Rapids: 90 total pledges

Total Pledges: 648

CO2 Reduction: 22,073.11 pounds


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